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Building Conversation in Zagreb

Stretch your imagination. Switch perspective. Join in. Speak out.

On 15 & 16 October, Building Conversation will be part of Ganz Novi Festival in Zagreb (HR). We are very happy to announce the premiere of The General Assembly.

Inspired by the practice of the Aboriginals, the Occupy movement and Indians from the Great Lake District in Canada, by the theory of philosophers like Bruno Latour, David Bohm and Chantal Mouffe, we'll create a program of conversations at Ganz Novi that in all different ways focus on the attempt to imagine ourselves a future. Are we able to envision an alternative world together?

We expect a group of 60 participants to participate in one of the conversations (Parliament of Things, Time Loop, Agonistic Conversation) that will challenge all participants to speak from another perspective than they normally do.

With the whole group we will close off with a General Assembly. Conversations are in Croatian. Meal is included.