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Parliament of things – workshop at FABCITY

The French philosopher Bruno Latour claims that we need a less anthropocentric view on the world in order to deal with the challenges of our time. According to him we have to include the values (not the value) of objects and non-human beings in our political debat.
In april and may we host a workshop on the Campus of Europe by People in Amsterdam and take up the challenge to raise a temporary Parliament of things. We invite you to join us in this exploration and to think about the future of our cities, of our planet from the perspective of objects and non-human entities.
24-04-2016 / 10am-2pm 
10-05-2016 / 10am-2pm 
12-05-2016 / 10am-2pm 
17-05-2016 / 10am-2pm 
20-05-2016 / 10am-2pm
If you want to join please send an e-mail to